NY lawmaker that destroyed past legalization effort is now on board

Albany NY Capitol Buildings

The same lawmaker that literally ruined the last push for marijuana legalization is apparently now on board and wants to do it despite the coronavirus pandemic. How New York of her!

Assembly Majority Leader Crystal Peoples-Stokes (D) told WNYC radio, “I’d like to see the legalization of adult use cannabis happen. I still am a proponent of that… I personally would like to see it move forward.”

We must all remember this is the same woman that shut it all down when Governor Cuomo had included it in last year’s state budget because she wanted to grandstand. Now she is passing the buck, claiming that it was Cuomo’s fault that it didn’t get passed, even though literally everyone was on board BUT HER.

For her to be deserving of the marijuana community’s trust she needs to prove that she is ready to back legalization without wavering and without trying to turn it into a shit show.

Contact her office and let her know that you support legalization.

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