New York’s Marijuana Decriminalization Is Not Enough

NY Decriminalization Falls Short

Lower fines and the expungement of criminal records is a step in the right direction but NY’s decriminalization did little to help adults gain access to the completely safe and natural plant. 

Trashing criminal records is wonderful. Lowering unjust fines is partially ignorant because they shouldn’t exist in the first place.

Overall this decriminalization bill did nothing other than block African-American politicians their ability to bitch and moan again when it comes time for full legalization. Which is unfortunate because marijuana legalization and lofty dreams of reparations should never been associated with each other. Two completely different issues!

Home of Woodstock is Behind the Times

Once again the birthplace of the hippie movement and Woodstock fails again, placing itself even further out of touch with the American people. You know it’s a bad when Oregon is selling legal cannabis but NY still isn’t.

Read the whole story on the Daily Orange.

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